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Here you will find links that will help you to understand what Better Outcomes is made up of and content you don’t see immediately presented on our home page.

Our Blog posts can be found on the right side of the home page. You can also find them by clicking one of the “Categories” buttons on the lower left side of the screen.

Click this link Civil Discourse & Evil Speech to understand how we view our use of words.

The Ten Steps to Speaking More Nicely” are a quick guide to more Civil Discourse. Click on Mr. Kraus' Video for his explanation.

To see our alternative to political debates, click the menu item "‏Candidate Conversations" on left side of the home page.

There is a long list of reading material that went into formation of Better Outcomes. You could spend days digging into these books and articles.

Dave Scott, was our Founder’s mentor, after he retired from the Akron Beacon Journal. Before he left his job, he spent more than two years writing about civility. You will find his writing here in our Blogs and at Civility by Dave Scott.

If there is anything else you need or ideas that you may have, please send an email to

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