Service to Candidates

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Service to Candidates

In order to run for public office, you have to play the political game. Running a campaign nowadays is very complicated. You must be aligned with one of the major political parties, raise a lot of money and spend a lot of time getting your word out. Much of the expense goes for media advertising which fragments your message in debates, sound bites and negative campaigning. Meanwhile voters are increasingly demanding civil discourse, answers to their questions, transparency and honesty.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to present yourself to voters more simply without having to raise a lot of money? The Candidate Conversations make that possible. We can show you how to lower the cost of your campaign, demonstrate the benefits of civil discourse, and give you a broader platform upon which to be seen.

Better Outcomes proves that there is a way to fight what Professor Deborah Tannen, calls “The Argument Culture.” In reality, not everything is a debate; the most extreme, polarized views the media can find are not our common ground, and suing someone is not the best way to settle a dispute, mediation is.

By running for political office, you are putting yourself out there in front of the public and asking for their vote in an effort to change things. You are asking them to trust that you are going to make a difference. But, you can’t really do that honestly by continuing the status quo. You have to make a choice; do you continue to play the “Politics as Usual” game or do you try to give the voters what they say they want? It’s not easy, but there is a way to show that you mean to do the right thing. It starts with civil discourse.

Better Outcomes is politically neutral. We are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating civil discourse.