Mission Statement

Repairing the World with the Words We Speak

Better Outcomes is dedicated to helping bring people together by giving them the opportunity to learn what Civil Discourse is and demonstrating how to use it to find their Common Ground. We define Civil Discourse as “any verbal expression, exchange, or conversation, in speech or writing, marked by or showing tact and polite consideration for others. It requires respect for other people and neither diminishes another’s moral worth nor questions their good judgment. It avoids hostility, direct antagonism, and excessive manipulation and/or persuasion. The dictionary defines Common Ground as “A foundation for mutual understanding.” Temporary common ground is found in the compromise between two conflicting positions. Permanent common ground is found in our humanness, in our Needs, and our Universal Values. Our model is inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Amitai Etzioni’s thinking in “The New Golden Rule”. Etzioni points out that we get stuck on “Rights” when we should be talking about our common needs, wants, and interests.