Giving Tuesday

Lou Kraus

By Lou Kraus

Posted November 30th, 2017
6:37 am

#GivingTuesday is among us! If you want more out of this special time of year, extend the holiday spirit and support our organization's effort to help repair politics. Donate now to help us kick off #GivingTuesday strong!

As I review the emails I received for “Giving Tuesday”, I see that we are being told that we should be “Values Voters”, that “Constant Contact Cares for Kids”, and that the Democrats want more Democrats.

Better Outcomes is non-partisan, nonprofit and neutral. In order to, address how, uncivilly we speak to each other we use time tested material from the Old Testament and Marshall Rosenberg’s, PhD, “Nonviolent Communication”.

For everyone we have our “10 Steps to Eliminate Evil Speech/Verbal Abuse”. For our role models/heroes, the ones who control our lives and determine who gets what “politicians”, we have Candidate Conversations and Interviews. Trained mediators, not untrained moderators, run these events.

Our Mediators know how to help adversaries communicate. In addition, we supply current information, neuroscience, which explains how our brains work, particularly the bugs that political rhetoric feeds on. Our mediators assure that the candidates give the audience/voters/constituents the answers that they need to make objective decisions about casting their vote.

We are a small grass-roots organization with tremendous potential to solve the real problem; the, negative, derogatory, demeaning way we communicate. A member of our board told me that he did a Google search and found that nobody else is doing what we are doing as directly as we are.

We know you want real solid action for your dollars. Please look at our “10 steps” and then tell me whether you think that these guidelines will get you Better Outcomes.

We are asking for your donation for “Giving Tuesday.” The funds will be used for marketing and one or two part-time staff people and volunteers. The more money we raise the more problems we can solve.

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