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Repairing the World with the Words We Speak

Lou Kraus, Founder

I am a second generation American who grew up in a traditional Jewish home and was introduced to what we call now call Civil Discourse at an early age. When I said something nasty about someone, I was quickly reprimanded and told that what I had said was “Evil Speech”. I have adopted this term for the derogatory, belittling, damaging speech we hear so often these days.

Very little of what I practice and promote is original to me. Actually, almost all of it came as “gifts” from people much smarter and more accomplished than me. My background includes a newspaper route, working in my junior high school cafeteria, and teaching Bar Mitzvah classes. I graduated from Cleveland Heights High and Miami University with a BA in psychology and sociology. I spent 10 years with the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, and received my Master’s Degree in Social Work Administration. Soon after I got my Master’s degree, I left the parole authority and went to work in the family nursing home business. In 2005, shortly before I retired, I had the opportunity to formally test my mediation skills, as the moderator/mediator for the Maple Heights Chamber of Commerce’s Candidates Night. It worked, and I managed to keep things in order, much to everyone’s amazement. Out of this came the Candidate Conversations and I would eventually create Better Outcomes not only to help politicians communicate better, but to help everyone communicate better. Throughout my life I have learned that words have power that can be used for good or bad. I hope that this organization can help you learn how to use that power for good and the benefits of doing so.











Lou Kraus,

Founder of Better Outcomes