Participant Welcome

Thank you for participating in our first Initiative. Better Outcomes, Incorporated (an Ohio non-profit corporation) is dedicated to helping people learn how to find their common ground by using Civil Discourse.

In order to insure Civil Discourse and provide for an orderly, positive process, we have adopted the attached Guidelines.

Please spend a few minutes, before we start, to consider the effect that these guidelines can have on this session and in our society if everyone observed them.

We expect everyone to abide by them during the session. Our moderator is a trained mediator. He/She will ask the questions and help the candidates give you clear, understandable, civil answers. The moderator is also charged with “keeping the peace”, should it become necessary. If you feel that you cannot comply with our guidelines, please let us know immediately. An alternative for you is to watch it being streamed live to the Internet outside of this venue. (Insert URL)

By staying for the session you are acknowledging that you have reviewed the Guidelines and that you are willing to abide by them.

We want this to be a learning experience for both the “live” audience as well as those who visit our website (, or communicate with us via social media. By staying for the session you are, also, acknowledging that, it is OK for us to provide video, audio, and transcript versions of this Forum to visitors to our website, to share such content with the public via social media and to share this information with attendees at future Forums.


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