Participant Acknowledgment

Mr. Louis H Kraus
1779 Kemery Rd
Akron, OH 44333

Thank You for agreeing to participate in the Initiative scheduled for October 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM presented by Better Outcomes, Incorporated (an Ohio non-profit corporation). The location for this event will be selected soon.

In order to insure Civil Discourse and provide for an orderly, positive process for our sessions, we have adopted the attached Guidelines. There is something there for each participant and we expect everyone to abide by them during the session. Please initial here / / to acknowledge that you have reviewed our Guidelines and that you and your staff are willing to abide by them.

Also, because we want this to be a learning experience for both the “live” audience as well as those who visit our website (, or communicate with us via social media, we ask that you initial here / / to indicate your agreement for us to provide video, audio, and transcript versions of this Forum to visitors to our website, to share such content with the public via social media and to share this information with attendees at future Forums.

In order to prepare for the session, we want to define our context. Our initiatives are not debates. We understand that much of your campaign is based on issues and the rights about which we are all concerned. This focus, however, tends to stir up our emotions and leads to the arguments that divide us. Our approach is meant to support calm, objective, thoughtful decision making in a civil environment.

We think, as does Amitai Etzioni, that basic human “needs, wants and desires” are as, if not, more important than rights.1 Our model for looking at our human need is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy.2 A copy is attached. As we write our questions, we attempt to plug the issues into his scheme.

Determining what questions to ask is a cooperative effort. Our questions will remind you of a job interview. We want you to suggest two sets of questions; those that you want to be asked and those that you think your opponent should be asked and we will also elicit ideas from the public as we are able.

For this session, I intend to introduce and explain Better Outcomes and then introduce the participants. Next, you will introduce yourself. After the introductions, we will proceed to our questions and then the issues. Finally, you will have an opportunity to sum up your thoughts and I will close the session. Afterword we hope that you will be able to stick around for a while so you can talk with the attendees.

We want your thoughts on all of the above, and particularly such things as how long a period of time you think is appropriate for answering questions, how much time you would like for your opening and closing comments, the seating arrangement, and any anything else that comes to mind.

We will provide tables at the back of the meeting room in case you want to provide the attendees with any of your literature.

Please supply us with a copy of this literature and your questions as soon as possible.

Please return your initialed copy of the first page of this Acknowledgement to me via e-mail (, via fax (330) 576-6634 (please call first) or via regular mail; Better Outcomes, 1779 Kemery Road, Akron, OH 44333.

We are looking forward to this event and appreciate your interest, time and participation.


Louis H. Kraus, INFJ, MSSA

1. Etzioni, Amitai, “The New golden Rule, Community and Morality in a Democratic Society”, 1996, Basic Books, A Member of the Perseus Books Group, New York, NY
2. Maslow, Abraham, “A Theory of Human Behavior”, Psychology Review, 50, pages 370-396

Maslow’s Hierarchy

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