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Normally, when you ask a question, you expect an answer you can understand. If you don’t receive one, you ask for, or demand, an explanation. Yet, when we ask a politician a question, we expect that they will NOT answer it. Instead, they will deliver their “talking points”, point a finger at the other candidate, and use political rhetoric to inflame our emotions and get us to agree with them. Because of this we get confused, and don’t get the information we need to make a comfortable, objective decision about how to vote. Consequently, of many of us don’t vote.

We live in what Professor Deborah Tannen, calls “The Argument Culture”. Politicians and the Media fuel it with what we call Evil speech.

Some politicians are trying to eliminate Negative Campaigning, but, many of their associates, party officials, staffers, handlers, peers, advisers, etc., continue to think that it is necessary to win elections. We need to identify the guys that get it and give the ones who don’t a chance to show us that they are open to change and that they will commit to work for change.

We don’t know how you feel, but we want answers to our questions and we can’t stand the arguing, finger pointing and blaming. We won’t let our kids do those things, so why should we let politicians, adults who have so much power over our lives, set such a miserable example.

With partisan politics rampant and negativity the norm, we can’t wait for them to figure it out themselves. We have to insist on Civil Discourse and show them how. Better Outcomes is politically neutral. We are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating civil discourse. This is how Better Outcomes’ model for Candidate Conversations works:

  1. Better Outcomes assists our Sponsors and Participants in selecting the important issues. We prepare people based direct, unambiguous questions for discussion in the Candidate Conversation.
  2. Better Outcomes provides the ground rules for civil discourse. Then we help candidates demonstrate civil discourse and give our audiences clear, understandable statements of their thoughts on the issues being addressed.
  3. .In addition to the issues, we ask job interview type questions to give the candidates the opportunity to talk about their experience, character and skills so the audience can determine if they are the kind of people for whom they want to cast their vote.
  4. Better Outcomes’ moderators are trained mediators. They assure that the candidates and the audience, via the Mediator, communicate in such a manner that both understand the questions asked and the answers given.
  5. Better Outcomes provides easily accessible, inexpensive, on-demand Internet access which Voters and Candidates can trust.
  6. Better Outcomes provides live internet streaming and complete and uncut videos of the Conversation.
  7. Better Outcomes can provide verbatim transcripts of the questions asked and the answers given, so that there can be no arguments over what was said.

For more information, call Lou Kraus at (216) 832-4358.

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