Invitation Letter to Candidates

Louis H Kraus
1779 Kemery Rd
Akron, OH 44333

Dear Candidate,

We would like to invite you to participate in a Candidate Forum organized by Better Outcomes Incorporated, an Ohio Nonprofit, located in Bath Township.

Better Outcomes© forums are not debates and they, most certainly, are not “politics as usual”. They are designed to be an orderly, objective demonstration of Civil Discourse and good communication.

Our model is based on standard mediation guidelines. Briefly: no criticizing, no name calling, no finger pointing or blaming and no rehashing of past events, unless they are used to point out a better way to do things in the future. Our guidelines are attached.

We use mediators as our moderators. Their job is to help the panel members communicate with the audience/voters and to make sure that the voters understand clearly what is being said.

We do not rely on the Media to report on our forums. We post an unaltered video on our website and provide a verbatim transcript of the questions and answers for those who would rather read them.

We have our own standard set of questions and we gather ideas and questions from as many other people as possible. This includes the public, via email and our website, you and your opponents. We choose the questions which we believe will give us the best idea of the outlook and behaviors we can expect from each member of our panel.

More information is available on our website;

We sincerely hope that you will participate in a forum. Please contact us at (216) 832-4358 or via email so that we can arrange to meet.


Louis H. Kraus, INFJ, MSSA, Mediator

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