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Repairing the World with the Words We Speak

Where do we start?

Voters:    Normally, when you ask a question, you expect an answer you can understand. If you don’t receive one, you ask for, or demand, an explanation. Yet, when we ask a politician a question, we expect that they will NOT answer it. Instead, they will deliver their “talking points”, point a finger at the…
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When are we Baby Boomers going to wake up!

NOTE: This is directed at my peers, BUT those of you who are younger should read it, so you can hold us, Baby Boomers, accountable. The American civil rights movement, according to Wikipedia, began in 1954 and ended in 1968. In 1954, I was 7 years old and in 1968, I was one year away…
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A Simple Prayer

Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!

Getting to Common Ground

Free Speech is What you say. Civil Discourse is How you say it. That’s how you find Common Ground with someone. For more articles, go to BLOG section.  

Why be civil

In recent years it has become popular to slam some concepts as “politically correct.”  The implication is that a complaint is petty, insignificant and fails to acknowledge that the public forum is necessarily a nasty place and we all need to accept a little mudslinging. This website is not designed to defend everyone who whines…
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Video: Frank LaRose & George Rusiska

This mediated Candidate Conversation took place on October 30, 2014.

A Thought from "The Apostle"

“There aren’t many honest men or women in Washington anymore. Politicians get where they are by the sheer force of their egos, not their convictions. And you know what? It’s our fault as voters. We don’t demand better candidates, so we end up getting what we deserve—on both sides of the aisle.”  (Brad Thor from…
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The Elections are Over

The midterm elections are over and the voter turnout was, according to what I heard, the lowest since 1942. The cost of this round of campaigning was around $4 Billion and it wasn’t a Presidential election year. The Republicans gained seats and the forecast is that gridlock will continue, so say goodbye to Common Ground…
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Better Outcomes made it into the Akron Beacon Journal

The Akron Beacon Journal ran the following article to give a bit of publicitiy to Better Outcomes’ efforts in the recent state election.


When are we going to face reality? Changing parties doesn’t get us change it gets us a different philosophy. BUT the fight is still there! Real change will only come when we change the way we elect the people who represent us. Not the people, necessarily, who the powerful and connected tell us we can…
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