When are we Baby Boomers going to wake up!

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When are we Baby Boomers going to wake up!

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NOTE: This is directed at my peers, BUT those of you who are younger should read it, so you can hold us, Baby Boomers, accountable.

The American civil rights movement, according to Wikipedia, began in 1954 and ended in 1968. In 1954, I was 7 years old and in 1968, I was one year away from graduating from college. I remember the energy and idealism that I took away from college and attempted to apply in real life. Now, we seem to have lost the passion with which we were going to change the world. Obviously, our efforts didn’t quite come out the way we had hoped.

When I go out, I hear so much childish crap and uncivil talk; I just get angry and turn off whatever I’m listening to. The personal communication that I grew up with and its compassion and empathy are rapidly disappearing.

During the Republican National Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio, I had the opportunity to participate in a civility event called the Purple Tent. The participants were journalists, radio personalities and various politicians who were working at the convention. During one session, one of the panelists stopped, looked out over the audience and said something to the effect that they could sit there and talk all day but if we, the voters, did not do something, nothing was going to change.

While many of us feel like everything is falling to ruin, most of us have slipped back into our daily routines and avoid thinking about what’s going on, delude ourselves into thinking it cannot happen here, or just plain rationalize, it is only another couple of years. The other party will win the next election or the one after that, and things will return to normal.

So we spend our time sitting on our butts in front of our computers and watch the circus so we can post our thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. This helps us feel like we’re doing something. I don’t think the person who made the comment at the Purple Tent had this kind of “doing something” in mind.

Since the election, the Democrats are resisting everything, Bernie is out there thinking about running in 2020. The Republicans do not seem to know what to do about the new president’s policy offerings and the Koch brothers are committing bags of money to defeat the opposition.

If we let the present occupants of the system fix it, all we are going to get is a newer, younger version of the same people that got us into this mess in the first place. The players will change, but the tactics won’t, because they work and that’s all they really care about. The 1% will still be running the show and we will forget that the arguments and nasty name-calling created the gridlock and the other problems we’re facing. They won’t change their tactics because they work.

Don’t get me wrong; what people are doing is necessary. The problem is they’re thinking inside the box at the people who they see as the enemy’ trying to figure out how to defeat the opposition and take control back.

I’m one of those people who have terrible time thinking inside the box. I’ve spent my life trying to understand people as they function inside systems. If we are going to fix the system, we have to get people with different skills into the system. We can’t do it all at once or we’ll lose the good people we need to help us understand it and fix it right.

This is the 1st blog post from Better Outcomes new website. We have upgraded the design in order to attract the youngsters who, I hope, will carry on and benefit from Better Outcomes, since we are leaving that responsibility to our offspring. My greater hope is that I’ve gotten your attention too.

The world can be a better place, but we all have to contribute something. We baby boomers can listen better and offer our experience, knowledge and financial support to help our children and grandchildren, the people to whom we are leaving our mess, to fulfill our vision. We owe them at least that much.

Cleo Wade’s TED talk titled, “Want to Change the World? Be Brave Enough to Care” renewed my energy. I hope that her talk will light a spark that will ignite your passion too, so that you will help me make Better Outcomes the success, I know it can be.

Next: Where do we start?

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