Tired of “Politics as Usual”? There is a better way.

The Problems                      During their political campaigns our elected representatives promise us that they will change things. They make it sound so simple. They accept the responsibility for making decisions that affect major parts of our lives. We rely on them to give government employees the tools they need to do their jobs. When they don’t do what they said they would, we vote them out of office. Then we turnaround and use the same broken election system to replace them, expecting better results.

It’s easy to blame our Politicians for the problems our country faces. But, it’s really not all their fault.

We all know that the political system is a mess. Everyone is screaming for Election Reform. But, the only way we are going to get it, without trashing our governments, is to keep the people who understand the real problems and want change and get new people into office who communicate transparently and have the skills and desire to help.

We are not going to change anything, until we find an alternative to voting for smart, young, charismatic people, who are selected, groomed and taught what to say and how to say it by the “powers that be”.

We don’t have to change the whole system; we only have to change the way candidates’ campaign. We can break the cycle of “Politics as Usual” without any help from the people we elect. Of course, if they participate voluntarily, it will be a very strong indication that they are the kind of people we want in office.

Our present election system is driven by money. Politicians spend a tremendous amount of money and time on Media coverage and slick marketing. Debates, political rhetoric and the focus on “ISSUES” stir up our emotions and make us angry. They overwhelm us with finger-pointing, sound bites and their own set of facts. They manipulate our emotions and dodge the real questions.

We can’t make good decisions when the information we get is prepared for the Media and then fed to us in fragmented, biased sound bites. With this hodge-podge of information, we can’t expect to make good, reasoned, rational choices about how to vote. However, there is hope. We can get Better Outcomes.

The REAL Problems:           Everyone seems to be analyzing the system and suggesting solutions. BUT, if we are going to change anything, we and the people we put into office must face the real problems. Better Outcomes believes that:

Good decision making is fair to all concerned, not just the rich and powerful. It focuses on people and their basic human needs. It takes onto account as many varied opinions and options as possible. It requires a calm, non-combative context so it can be done objectively, not emotionally.

Good decision making requires Civil Discourse. They are inseparable. Without both we are never going to get the results we want.

Our Solution:                       Better Outcomes’ forums and interviews establish the non-argumentative context we need to make rational, educated decisions about candidates. Its mediation based guidelines and mediator/moderators cut thru the political rhetoric and help the candidates focus on the audience and answer the questions asked honestly and clearly.

We collect the ideas, thoughts, and concerns from all the parties involved. We write needs based, open-ended, objective questions, so that voters get direct, civil, understandable answers from candidates.

We stream our forums and interviews live and then make them available, complete and unedited, on our secure website. We post transcripts of the questions and answers for those who prefer to read them on line. This bypasses the Media and gives people information they can trust.

Candidates must spend a tremendous amount of time raising the money needed to mount a media based, political campaign. Our forums and interviews are a much less expensive way for candidates to get their word. By lowering the cost, we can increase the number of candidates and the choices voters get.

Better Outcomes is a public service. We do not favor any particular individual, group or political party. We are nonpartisan and absolutely neutral. We are mediators. Our job is to level the playing field and to facilitate open, honest, civil communication.

Our goal is to prove that Civil Discourse is possible, even in politics. Better Outcomes has molded Technology, Mediation Guidelines and Old Testament Commandments into a model nonprofit that can do just that.

Contact Louis Kraus at (216) 832-4358 or LHK@getbetteroutcomes.org for more information.


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