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Civil Discourse is the ONLY path to our Common Ground 

With the start of the presidential campaign season, we are appalled at the uncivil, disparaging tone being set by Donald Trump. Worse yet, his opponents have started to follow his lead. This and the uproar over Hilary Clinton’s email server creates an atmosphere in which the candidates, who are our role models, are providing very good bad examples all kinds of Evil Speech. We have a better idea.

We have developed a process that demonstrates civil discourse, provides candidates with clear guidelines for our events and gives voters the information they need to make informed decisions. Our model for mediated Candidate Conversations is unique in the world of politics. You can get a clear view of our model in 4 easy steps.

1. Civil Discourse and Evil Speech defines our use of the terms and includes a list of rhetorical tricks used in political campaigns that you can use as a reference.

2. Candidate Conversations Overview explains our process in detail.

3. Our Services to Voters and Our Services to Candidates explain the benefits of our approach.

4. And finally, you can view the video of Frank Larose and George Rusiska, who ran for the Ohio Senate’s 27th District seat in 2014, as they participated one of our Candidate Conversations. John Bertschler is the mediator.

We thank you for your interest and offer you our Founder's video which introduces our 10 Steps to Civil Discourse. These guidelines can help all of us learn to speak more nicely to each other. Our Candidate Conversation Guidelines are designed specifically so all participants can see what is expected of the others. For more information, email

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A Message and a Gift from our Founder

Join Us!

We are a young organization. We want your opinion (email us) and we need donations for basic expenses, marketing, maintenance of our website, and the assistance of students who will help arrange and schedule Candidate Conversations over this year’s election cycle.

If you are interested in helping financially, we ask that you donate in multiples of $18. This is because in the Old Testament, the value of the Hebrew word for “life” is 18. We think the symbolism is important. These donations are tax-deductible.

Electronic donations are coming. If you would like to donate now, and avoid bank and credit card charges, please mail a check or money order to us at:

Better Outcomes
1779 Kemery Road
Akron, OH 44333

Please include your address of email so that we can get you a receipt for your taxes.