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This is the shameful language of public discourse these days! Anger and insult have replaced civility and reason with distressing success. Rather than reaching for solutions, our public officials seem to be more interested in finding someone to blame for our problems.

Clearly, those in power or seeking power are not about to alter what has been working so well for them.  So who can force them to change?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  WE CAN!!  “I’m just one person,” you may think.  “What can only one person do?”  Well, for starters, you are not “only one person.”   You are part of a rapidly growing number of people in the U.S. who are as fed up as you are.

Like you, we have had enough!  Therefore, we have devised a unique, inexpensive solution. I was told that, as far as a noted expert in political sciences, who has asked to remain anonymous, can tell, no one is approaching things the way we are.

It will work, if we come together and make this the biggest DIY project in history.

The tools of our trade are courteous, constructive words; the internet and the use of Mediators.  By replacing the negative, insulting language that is so divisive, we can bring people together under the banner of mutual respect.

The process begins with a personal commitment to eliminate our own bad habits of “evil speech.”  Our “10 Steps to Speaking More Nicely” is free on our website. Even if you only follow one or two of the guidelines, we guarantee that you will get better outcomes.

However, regardless of how politely each of us speaks, there will always be those who use cruel, insensitive words intentionally because they inflammatory   nature shapes our thinking.  It is particularly problematic when these folks are in the public eye.  It is up to us to hold the politicians, the media, athletes and entertainers accountable. We must demand that they set a better example.

This is from our 10 Steps to Speaking More Nicely. We all have a responsibility to warn "someone when they are about to make a BIG mistake, in an effort to save them from a bad relationship or a disastrous business deal. You may also use it to protect someone who is being hurt by the things that are being said to or about them."

We take this responsibility very, very seriously. I'm sorry that we couldn't have gotten here earlier, but we are here now.

If you want to join us in repairing the world, our new brochure will be available soon.

If you want a copy or copies hot off the press, like us on Facebook and we will get them to you ASAP.

(The brochure comes to you courtesy of Mitzy and Deb and Tom and John of Artist's Inc.)

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